Description: PMTmodel takes a modified pdb file and returns a dynamic probability file formatted into one column
Select properly formatted files:
PDBid.coo file:

Initial Probability file (Optional):

Formatting instructions: The input file must be prepared in the following format:
  1. File name must be pdbid.coo
  2. First row - Contains only one integer = total number of residues in the structure
  3. Second row - Contains only one integer = total number of atoms in the structure
  4. Third row and beyond - For each atom in the structure create four columns
    • Column one is the residue index
    • Column two is x coordinate
    • Column three is y coordinate
    • Column four is z coordinate

example file:1p22.coo

Optional: In addition, feel free to upload your own initial probability file. If omitted, PMTmodel will default to uniform probability.