University of Illinos at Chicago
Predictor of Lysine Carboxylation
Computational tool for the prediction of lysine carboxylation.

> Input: protein 3D coordinates in PDB format.
> Output: lysine(s) residue(s) predicted as carboxylated.


Protein 3D coordinates (PDB format):

Choose a probability:    Help How to choose the prior probability
> A prior of 0.5 represents that the carboxylation of lysine would have the same probability than a normal lysine, which might result in more false positives (lysines incorrectly predicted as carboxylated).
>A prior of 0.0001 represents the opposite and less false positives should be expected
Our results with the training data set showed that 0.009 gave the best performance.

PreLysCar now available at CCP4!
Download the last CCP4 version to run PreLyscar locally.